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Our Cause

We’re revolutionizing locational datasets for market research 

ChainXY Delivers

Location matters, and it is our goal to use our industry expertise and backgrounds as analysts to offer datasets with uncompromised quality. 

We believe that quality data should come at a reasonable price, and that verified business location data should be an industry standard. After years of working with all of the available datasets in the marketplace, ChainXY was founded because a group of industry veterans decided they could do it better. The founders of ChainXY set out to provide quality datasets that offered value to professionals conducting market research, and created a service that not only provides data, but offers a technology platform built from the ground up to interpret and interact with the data.

We know the pain of working with datasets that lack accuracy, and we are here to offer a solution that marries cost-efficiency with quality.


More Than Just Datasets 

Our comprehensive platform offers you an interactive experience, data manipulation capabilities, and a two-way feedback mechanism that ensures high-quality data. Interested in learning more? Check out our product page and find out what tools and services make ChainXY different.