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Data is what fuels your real estate analytics engine. ChainXY is a data solution that provides quality, curated chain list data for retail, restaurant, and real estate professionals.


At ChainXY, we collect locational data directly from the source. Our team validates the chain lists we collect to maintain currency and improve positional accuracy.


Built as a data service from the ground up, ChainXY has created a multi-step spatial geocoding and compilation process that melds new wave data science with the human touch.



Whether through an Excel download, KML, Shapefile, Tableau, ArcGIS or API call, the ChainXY platform delivers the data how and when you want it.

The Most Updates – every 90 days, or better for ALL Chains

ChainXY updates our lists regularly, so you can make decisions on the most up-to-date data.



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Chains for Every Occasion

Purchase chains for your next research project or subscribe to gain access to the most up-to-date data and advanced tools in our data platform. Always current and complete, is our goal at ChainXY.

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Location matters, and it is our goal to use our industry expertise and backgrounds as research analysts to develop datasets of uncompromising quality.

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