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ChainXY Team - April 19 2022

ChainXY bids farewell to Nick Ison, VP of Operations

If you’ve known ChainXY over the past five years, you probably know Nick Ison – our VP of Operations.

Today, we are announcing the bittersweet news that Nick will be leaving ChainXY.

Looking back

Over the past five years, Nick has become ChainXY family. 

During this time, he’s been many things to many people both inside and outside the company. He acted as the right hand to our founders, helping them build their vision for ChainXY as they built the platform.

Our teams consider him a mentor, providing invaluable advice and guidance that has inspired the next generation of the ChainXY team and driven them to greater heights of success.

Behind the scenes he’s played the role of our technical guru, ensuring a seamless user experience for our data subscribers.

Working with our data providers he’s acted a true partner, working hard to bring the best data product to our clients.

To our clients he’s been a trusted advisor, freely giving insights on how to best use the platform and analyze the data.

For all of these reasons, it’s hard to say goodbye so we won’t. We’ll see you around, Nick!

Saying so long

What does the future hold? 

That’s usually uncertain, but here at ChainXY we know it holds great things in store for Nick. The world is opening back up, and that means the opportunities are endless.

Maybe next month, you’ll see him jet setting off to an obscure beach in some hidden corner of the planet. Maybe he’ll be doing some home improvements.

All we know is that whatever Nick will do and wherever he ends up, it will be great because that’s just who he is. Bon voyage, Nick!

Looking ahead

Great things are happening at ChainXY!

From the launch of CenterXY to the upcoming ICSC Conference in Las Vegas, we’re continuing to pick up speed. 

We’re so proud of what ChainXY has accomplished and look forward the continued success of our team and our clients. Stay tuned for announcements about well-deserved promotions and new talent – we can’t wait to show you what we’re up to!

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