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ChainXY Team - March 8, 2022

ChainXY welcomes Omar Mansour as Data Extraction Developer!

You may have seen our recent posts on LinkedIn or Twitter about our recent collaboration TalentLift Canada. We are so grateful to them for helping us hire the newest member of our team - Omar Mansour.

We always say, "Location Matters", but today it matters a bit more to us because Omar is here. Welcome to Canada and to Team ChainXY, Omar – we’re so excited to have you! To celebrate, we’re getting to know more about how Omar and ChainXY joined forces.

How did we hear about TalentLift Canada

ChainXY needed someone to join our Development Team for some extra support with scraping and software development. We had mined our usual sources, but we weren’t finding that special person who would fit into our team perfectly.

Enter TalentLift Canada, a non-profit talent agency, supporting employers to source talent from refugee and displaced populations. We were blown away by the potential collaboration. As our Chief Revenue Officer, Oszkar Breti, said,

“ChainXY prides itself on the diversity of our team. We value the unique perspectives and skills people from different backgrounds bring to the table. That made it an easy to decision to try this process. We know that the skills and cultural viewpoints would bolster our team and help our business continue to grow.”

How did Omar hear about ChainXY?

On the other side of the world, Omar was in Lebanon looking for job opportunities abroad as a full stack developer. He was first in touch with Talent Beyond Boundaries, a partner of TalentLift Canada. As Omar puts it,

“Once I filled out my profile and CV, I was eventually put in touch with TalentLift and then ChainXY. I had the opportunity to ask a lot of questions about ChainXY, the team and the product. It felt like a really good fit.”

We think so too, Omar!

How did Omar Get Here?

Once we agreed that the fit was right, the process getting him here was easy. TalentLift provided all resources, and coordinated the documents required for Omar’s visa application. Meanwhile Omar was great at checking in to ensure everything was in order. He demonstrated real curiosity and enthusiasm that we couldn’t wait to have on board.

What's it been like since Omar joined TeamXY?

Omar finally joined us in Vancouver, Canada on February 14, 2023.

At the airport, he met Oszkar for the first time in person. Omar was excited to live in “the most beautiful city in Canada.”

The whole team was excited to learn more about Omar. We got the chance to connect as a team with a team pizza lunch on his first day, and a bowling party in March. Over the past month, the team has learned more about Omar over lunch walks, games of pool in the office, and exploring the city.

He’s also learned more about us. So far, he’s a big fan of the work environment at ChainXY. In his words, Omar finds that our,

“leadership and team environment makes me more productive. I ask questions, and everyone is happy to gives me answers. I feel very supported.”

Right now, Omar works with our Development team helping with scraping. He brings such exceptional knowledge and skills to our team, and we’re all looking forward to seeing what new ideas and solutions he will use to help us continue building our product line up.

What's next?

Prior to his work with ChainXY, scraping was mostly a hobby for Omar. Today he’s learning different approaches and ways to scrape location data. Tomorrow, Omar looks forward to advancing the way ChainXY takes on scraping, full stack development, and more.

Another passion of Omar’s is data science. When he was in school, he took some courses in data science and modeling. This analytical insight will provide so more awareness and advances in our product offering across ChainXY and CenterXY.

Welcome to TeamXY, Omar!

We are lucky to have Omar on board, and he’s already making a positive impact on the team.

ChainXY couldn't be happier to have such a talented software developer join our team, so we would like to extend a sincere thank you to Omar for joining us and to TalentLift and their partners for making it possible.

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