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ChainXY Team - March 3, 2023

ChainXY Champions our Employees

for National Employee Appreciation Day!

We've got something to celebrate on National Employee Appreciation Day.

Can you guess what it is?

It's our team members!

At ChainXY, we always want to know more - especially when it comes to our people. We love celebrating their accomplishments and getting to know them better as individuals - not just employees.

That's why we started a new series called ChainXY Champions last year to show off how great our people are and what it's really like to work at ChainXY.

For National Employee Appreciation Day, we decided to take a look back at the people we've covered so far in our favourite series. 

Check out the summaries and links to know more about the ChainXY team!

ChainXY Champion | Oszkar Breti

Oszkar is our Chief Revenue Officer, who has been with our team since November 2021. In our first-ever ChainXY Champions, Oszkar shared about his work with the ChainXY team, his questions for industry leaders, and some post-Covid shopping center trends.

"I think the effects of Covid are fascinating. I’m seeing a lot more open-air shopping centers. Outdoor malls, pavilions and gallerias are gaining ground on the enclosed retail spaces we used to think were so convenient.

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ChainXY Champion | Christopher Shopland

Chris is our Director of Operations, who has been with our team since February 2018. In his ChainXY Champions, he shared how he handles client requests, quality assurance, sales support and mentorship with the ChainXY team as well as his love of gardening. He also told us the 3 words that best describe ChainXY:

"Where stuff is. People should not make expensive decisions without having the information needed to balance their risk. Even though it's as simple as "where stuff is", you'd be amazed at how many people get that wrong."

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ChainXY Champion | Christine Peng

Christine is our Customer Support and Quality Assurance Analyst, who has been with our team since September 2021. In her ChainXY Champions, she shared what it's like to work across the ChainXY teams, her family's immigration story, and her love of maps.

"You can learn so much information that’s open source in Google Maps and I’m excited to see what the future of mapping holds – like indoor mapping. I can really see that becoming part of our daily lives in the future. "

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