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Data Magazine names ChainXY as one of top innovators in Canadian geospatial game

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Data Magazine names ChainXY as one of top innovators in Canadian geospatial game

ChainXY Team - August 18, 2022

We've been showcased as one of the most innovative geospatial companies in Canada by Data Magazine!

Data Magazine's Best Geospatial Startups and Companies

At ChainXY, we work hard to help our clients power their strategic real estate analytics with best-in-class location data for chains and shopping centers in the retail, restaurant and real estate industries.

When ChainXY gets recognized like this, we love to take a moment to celebrate the hard work and ingenuity of our team!

We always say "Location Matters", and we mean it.

We couldn't be more proud of our spot on Data Magazine's list of most innovative geospatial startups and companies in Canada - now that's a location that really matters to us!

It's our great honour to thank Data Magazine for the showcase and congratulate the other amazing companies who were also featured.

More about Data Magazine

Data Magazine showcases the latest innovations, breakthroughs and great companies across the data and analytical industries.

Their recent list of the 73 Most Innovative Geospatial Startups & Companies Canada highlights businesses that have demonstrated exceptional performance in innovation, growth, management and societal impact.

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