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What is a ‘Chain Bundle’?2018-10-24T05:31:04-07:00

Chain Bundles are simply a grouping of Chains that you can purchase at a discounted price. For example, if you’re looking to purchase all of the Kroger-owned Chains that we track in ChainXY then you would search for the ‘Kroger Bundle’ chain. If you’re just looking for the individual brand’s locations you would then search for simply ‘Kroger’.

Is ChainXY’s subscription service billed monthly or annually? What services are included in my subscription?2017-10-17T22:01:05-07:00

ChainXY’s subscription service is billed annually on the date of your original purchase. Your subscription includes all the tools and features we’ve outlined, and additional add-ons can be purchased to augment your subscription.

Do you offer student pricing or special pricing for NGOs?2017-10-23T08:56:33-07:00

ChainXY has been designed for corporate use scenarios, and we currently do not have standard pricing or packages available to students, charities, or NGOs. However, if you feel that you have a unique use, are a student performing research work, or your organization would benefit from ChainXY’s services, please contact us to discuss your needs further. We will do our best to help.

I only want to purchase one list. Is this possible?2018-10-21T21:10:29-07:00

Yes, if you are interested in purchasing individual chains from ChainXY, you are able to do so using our self-serve platform!

Can I use ChainXY in my mobile app?2017-10-17T22:00:02-07:00

Generally, you can use ChainXY data for any purpose within your own organization, including the building of a mobile app—but only for internal purposes. If this data is meant to be used for purposes whose audience is the general public then you require a specific subscription. The standard subscription service does not allow for this. If your goal is to use ChainXY as a part of a mobile app, please contact us to discuss your idea further.

Can I download more than one list at a time?2018-10-21T21:12:40-07:00

If you are subscriber, you can easily do so by building a Collection in your account. You can download lists from one, fifty, five hundred, or all the chains in our database.

If you are interested in individual lists, multiple chains, or bundles of chains are able to be purchased at the same time by adding them to the cart as you browse the online platform.

For my chain, why are your store numbers different than mine?2017-10-17T21:59:28-07:00

Store numbers are a challenging data form to source and retrieve from chains. There is very little consistency between chains when it comes to the importance of store numbers, and how and why they may change—or if they are provided at all. Generally, if we provide a store number as part of the dataset, we feel that does accurately reflect unique locations within a chain. Those numbers, being sourced from the chain itself, can change at any time due to situations like renumbering, new locations, location closures and moves, and changing to a new numbering scheme.

Can I use the data however I want?2018-10-21T21:08:48-07:00

Data provided by ChainXY can be used in a variety of ways, but the data itself can only be used for internal use within your own organization. ChainXY data can be used in reports and presentations done on behalf of your organization, as part of an internal tool which allows your employees to access and manipulate data. ChainXY does not, at any time, allow for the data to be made available in a downloadable format for use outside your organization whether purchased as a one-off purchase from ChainXY.com, or through a full subscription.

Do you have latitude/longitudes? Where do they come from?2017-10-17T21:58:44-07:00

All our datasets include geographic coordinates for each location. They are a result of our patent-pending geocoding process where we use the provided addresses and choose the best results and attach it to the location. Coordinates also come from the chain directly—if we feel that the coordinates provided match our high-quality standards we will use those coordinates. Lastly, latitude and longitudes can also come from you through our continuous feedback mechanism where users are able to suggest corrections to the dataset. Once approved, they are made available immediately.

How current is your data? Can I submit a request to have certain lists updated?2017-10-23T11:23:01-07:00

The frequency of our data collection and update process is determined by a combination of factors and is dependent on the chain itself. The frequency can range from monthly to quarterly. The update cycle depends on the number of locations the chain has, popularity (how often it appears on chain lists), the number of times it has been flagged as a favorite chain, and the general importance of the chain. If you require more frequent updates to specific chains, you can request a ‘Lifesaver’ update 5 times per year, as well as request an off-cycle update to be run on a specific chain and we will do our best to update the chain within 72 hours.

What if I don’t see a chain?2018-10-21T21:14:01-07:00

If you are looking for a chain and it is not listed in our database, we will do our best to add it for you. Full platform subscribers are able to request three free additions to ChainXY each year of their subscription. Outside of those three free chains, new additions to our database can be requested at an additional cost. There are some conditions to adding a new chain to ChainXY. Essentially it needs to be systematically obtainable from an online source and needs to provide overall value to ChainXY.

What tools are included in your subscription service?2018-10-21T21:15:30-07:00

Data is just fuel for your analysis, but when paired with our tools, your data becomes more powerful and your life becomes easier. Our custom tools include:

  • Proximity Analysis – Find the nearest competitor to you or look for ‘boxes’ from a closing chain that your business could occupy.
  • Void Service – Identify gaps in your area and search for potential tenants
  • Changes-over-time – Reporting that allows you to track openings and closings for any chains, across any market, for a given date range.
What is ChainXY?2017-10-23T08:59:46-07:00

ChainXY is a data solution company that provides retail and restaurant locational data to help curate chain data for retail and real estate professionals conducting market research. We know that data fuels your real estate analytics engine, and ChainXY is a data solution that provides quality data at a reasonable price.

ChainXY provides business locational data when you want it, in a variety of easily manipulatable formats. Our cost-effective solution provides data in common data and spatial formats, but our comprehensive platform includes value-added tools like proximity analysis, gap reports, maps, and web services to make your work easier.

What Makes ChainXY Different?2017-10-17T21:56:07-07:00

It’s not just data. At ChainXY, we offer you a subscription service that includes the data tools you need to gain insight into your day-to-day operations. At ChainXY we:

  • Provide you with the data you need, when you need it, and in a format that works for you.
  • Want your feedback. Our platform includes a two-way feedback mechanism and we use this collaborative process to help fix location errors. We’ve built an easy-to-use suggestion system that allows you to suggest locations and updates. Locations that are adjusted in ChainXY are persisted, which means when new data is collected, those changes remain, meaning changes in our dataset appear months earlier than other services because of our feedback process.
What file format can I get the data in?2018-10-21T21:06:42-07:00

If you are looking to download an offline copy of our locations, we can provide you with data in a number of different formats. ChainXY data supports common formats such as Excel, ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo TAB File, KML (Google Earth), GeoJSON, and CSV.

ChainXY also provides the ability to access the data via API services where you can always access the most current data directly from a number of applications like Alteryx, FME, SSIS, or any other ETL tool. You can choose to integrate the API with your own custom application for use within your company. Please contact us if you are interested in using our API Integration.

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